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Meteoropathy: A gloomy sky, a blurred head

In the last ten years, we witnessed sudden weather changes, the seasons change without intermittent periods, and daily temperature differences sometimes amount to 15-20 ° C. Meteorological conditions have a great impact on health, and almost one-half of the world’s population suffers from a time-changing disorder.

Symptoms are different and depend on whether there was a sudden cold, hot heat or precipitation . On time oscillations, more or less, everyone responds, but they are most difficult to deal with chronic patients. In spite of the regular implementation of the prescribed therapy, the symptoms of the underlying disease are exacerbated, and meteorological difficulties are more pronounced in women in menopause.If a healthy man’s body reacts turbulent to a change in time, a detailed medical examination is recommended to determine if it is about starting a disease.

Stress increases apathy and exhaustion, which is why resting and avoiding psychological and physical effort. It is necessary to take as much fruits and vegetables as possible so that the body can be cleaned of toxins and supplied with useful substances. The best remedy for a weak concentration and a sense of “power loss” is – diet. You should avoid heavy foods and eat as many cereals, vegetables, fruits and dairy products as low in fat, and moderate physical activity is greatly helpful. In the event of a sleep disorder, should not take excessive meals before going to bed, and it is advised to drink a cup of tea from chamomile or valerian in the evening. In people who suffer from low pressure, due to changes in time, hypotension can be even more pronounced.

It is recommended to consume a large amount of liquid – water, but not cold, as well as lukewarm unsweetened teas and diluted natural juices. Food should be enriched with cereals and fish, and after lunch, a glass of red wine is advised. Regardless of whether there is a problem with hypertension or is it just an instantaneous discomfort, in the event of a change in the time it is very important to pay attention to everyday habits. It is necessary to remove fat-rich foods, avoid cigarettes, caffeine and alcohol, and take plenty of fluids (water, teas from medicinal herbs), along with light foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Moderate physical activity is also recommended.

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