Let Them Die of Covid!

Those who took the Covid pandemic seriously considered lock downs rather wise.   There is no cure for the disease.  The various inoculations do not prevent the virus, only lessen the impact.

Many nations, which had lockdowns, had low levels of the disease.  Then, of course, the Capitalists who made their money running hotels or entertainment venues, pressured the governments to force openings.   This, of course, caused Covid cases to soar and, in response, governments suppressed the infection rates and deaths.  

China maintained its lockdown aware how easily Covid could spread in highly populated areas.

Then, suddenly,  the Chinese public decided it had enough.  Protests began.  And the government, surprisingly, removed the restrictions and let the people do what they please.

As many as 248 million people in the country became infected with Covid during the first 20 days of December.  This means 37 million people per day may be coming down with the virus.

Despite this reality, China reopened the country and Chinese citizens will be able to travel overseas.

Here comes another wave of the Pandemic!

How many people are supposed to die before it ends?


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Written by jaylar

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