How to Use Wax Beads

Unlike the painful, messy waxing appointments you have been having previously, wax beads make your waxing experience worthwhile. Wax beads first came into the market in 2014, but only gained popularity recently. They are made from pine resins, plus all-natural ingredients with moisturizing, soothing, and softening properties, ideal for sensitive skin. Besides, they are available in a variety of delicious fragrances and appealing colors.

Hard wax beads make work more convenient; there is no need for muslin strips, plus it easy to clean after application. Waxing has always been a painful experience for many. However, this is not the case with wax beads. The hard wax wraps itself around the hairs, and unlike traditional melted wax, does not adhere to the skin. As you rip off the hard wax, you only pull on the hairs, not the skin. It is rare for the wax to break, messing the skin.

Though pricey, wax beads are ideal for those that love to do their grooming. If you are going to be waxing at home, you will need wax beads, wax heater/microwave, spatula, and a mirror depending on the body part you are waxing. With all the requirements in hand, let us have a run-through of what you should do.

Melting the Wax Beads

If you do not have a wax heater, microwave or stove will do, though it is recommended you use the appropriate accessories to preserve the quality of the wax. Place 2-3 tablespoons of wax beads in a wax heater. Heat at the highest temperature for 5 minutes. Then let the wax beads sit for 15-20 minutes before adjusting the temperature to medium heat. Let the beads melt until they achieve a thick, honey-like consistency. The wax is now ready for use.

Wax Application

Start by trying the temperature at the back of your hand to ensure you do not hurt yourself. Then using the spatula, apply the melted wax in the direction of hair growth. Be sure to create a handle at the end of your application, to create a handle for pulling the wax off. For the best results, ensure you apply the wax evenly. Allow it to sit and air dry for 2-3 minutes until it resembles plastic.

Wax Removal

Once the wax is ready for removal, grab the thick end that you created and yank the wax off in one swift movement. The yanking should be in the direction of hair growth for the best removal results. Repeat the procedure, working in sections until all hair is removed. You can go over an area twice, without experiencing any side effects.

Sometimes you may experience a little post-waxing tingling and redness. In such cases, apply a cooling ointment such as aloe vera, and it will clear up with time.


Waxing using wax beads leaves your skin smooth and hairless for weeks, even without the use of lotions that slow down hair growth. Keep off sunbathing for at least two days after waxing to avoid damaging your skin. Hairless, smooth skin is the ultimate goal, but always be careful about your skin and health.


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