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How to Prepare Your Hair For The Cold Weather?

Autumn has officially arrived, and with it decreases the temperature, which can be harmful for hair. How can you be sure that your hair is ready for the cold days?

Cut the cracked tops

Low temperatures can cause or increase the crack in the hair. Experts advise trimming the peaks before the onset of winter. It is enough to shorten the top without any visible change in length.

Use a hair mask

After the summer months, your hair is probably drier and brittle. Here comes the help of hair masks that hydrate the hair. Mask suggestion: mix olive oil and egg yolk and apply to whole hair. Coconut oil is also a great choice for hair care.

Say goodbye to the ponytail

Frequent tying of hair in a tail is harmful to the hair root, but also to the hair itself, which weakens and shoots under pressure.

Clean your hair

If you spend a lot of time at sea or in a swimming pool, your hair is probably damaged by chlorine, salt and sun. Begin the autumn by thoroughly cleaning with a special shampoo that will cleanse the layers collected on the fibers.

Get rid of the Staticy

To avoid the appearance of electricity during cold weather, keep your hair hydrated and use a serum regularly. Using a higher quality hair brush is also recommended.

Get ready for the wind

To avoid flying hair in windy weather, apply serum before going out. The serum will protect the hair at the same time.


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