How To Have a Normal Relationship With Your Ex- The Attempts -6

Ray is and was an abuser.   He beat his first wife, Sandy, and she ran.  He beat his second wife, and she took everything before she ran.  He is in the midst of his divorce from his third wife.

He had begun a slender email relationship with Sandy going back to the engagement of their son, fourteen years ago.   He’d write, she’d respond, and silence for the next month.

As his third divorce neared and he was isolated he upped his communication to Sandy, writing two, three times a day.  Sandy responded.

Then, he wrote a long treatise virtually demanding she  help him arrange a complicated project.

Sandy did not respond.

Ray waited for Sandy’s response. It didn’t come.   It took time for Ray to appreciate that Sandy was no longer available for manipulation.

 As he had no one else, and did not  want to lose her entirely he returned to posting casual emails and  did not mention his project again.


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Written by jaylar

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