How To Have a Normal Relationship With Your Ex – Next Step – 8

Although it sounds like some kind of trick or a fantasy, reality is.    

Anytime anyone  tries to talk you into anything, or tries to make you believe something or get you to support or reject anything,   you ‘lose’ with argument.  You lose with debate.   You lose with complaint.

There are people who use this false idea of ‘discussion’  as a way to get a hook into you.   They say things to provoke you.  They say things to attract your attention.  If you answer, if you pick a side, if you try to explain or enlightening or whatever or however you describe participating in this babblethon; you lose.

You lose because responding proves  you heard or read what was said, proves that a few of your brain cells were occupied with the Manipulator’s scheme.   By no response, by no action, no reaction,  the Manipulator loses.

Imagine receiving a long complicated email from your Ex where he tries to convince you of something, tries to get you to perform some task, tries to get you to change your mind on some issue.

Just by responding you ‘Prove’  how ‘Important’  his position is to you.  It is so important that you will sit and type your fingers off to prove/disprove/convince/defend your position.

What you do, is don’t answer.

You don’t let him get you into a long discourse on anything.

If he is in front of you and pontificates on some topic designed to gain your response,  excuse yourself and walk away. If it is on the phone, well, you have to go.  If it is an email, don’t answer.

Simply put, this is your EX.  Nothing he says, does, thinks matters to you.  The only way to ‘prove’ it is silence.


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Written by jaylar

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