How To Have a Normal Relationship with an EX – The Attempts -(4)

Abusers, years later, long after they’ve had other broken relationships, will, when you begin communication, try to go back to ‘what worked’ .

The Abuser needs to feel he controls.   It’s his mental problem.  NOT YOURS.  You left him.  He is an EX.  

When he tries the game again, setting you tasks to perform or trying to interfeer in your life, SAY NOTHING.  Don’t let him realise you see through him as glass.

Don’t perform the tasks don’t mention them.  Let his demands disappear as the sound of a flushing toilet.

 Don’t let him interfere in your life, because it is YOUR LIFE not his.

Treat him as someone you used to know whose opinions, ideas, desires mean nothing to you.

Don’t have the long explanation, don’t go into any kind of dialectic.  Silence and inaction is your method.


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Written by jaylar

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