How to Choose the Best Boarding School for Troubled Teens?

When it comes to choosing a therapeutic boarding school for your troubled teen, you have a lot of options that might lead to confusion. In such cases, you don’t need to worry as having some information about these schools and seeking recommendations from family and friends can help you out. Further, you should also take a few things into consideration while choosing the best therapeutic school for your child. These include:

1. Access to Therapeutic Supports

There is a huge difference between therapeutic schools having a big “T” and a small “t”. Those with a big “T” would have therapists and psychologists on staff and available daily within the campus, while the schools with a small “t” wouldn’t provide any such service. Thus, if you think that your child would benefit from the daily presence of a therapist, you should definitely choose the best Therapeutic boarding school.

2. Level of Supervision

Generally, the staff of a Therapeutic school supervises the students at all times, especially in the initial phase when they are new in the school. Frequent bed checks and a structured timetable for the entire day allow a very little time for the students to indulge in adverse activities. These level of supervision can save those teenagers who are in crisis and don’t have any idea about how to recover. Guiding them at each step is vital for educating them about a healthy lifestyle.

However, the students going to therapeutic schools or traditional boarding schools gradually earn more free time as they perform well in the daily tasks assigned by the staff. Thus, the students can themselves work on their time management skills, social skills, etc.

So, choosing a school depending on the level of supervision can be crucial to the recovery of a teenager.

3. Access to Technology

Most of the Therapeutic schools allow limited and supervised access to troubled teenagers for using technology. This action is taken by the staff to reduce/eliminate misuse of the internet which can lead to porn addiction among teens.

Other therapeutic schools have a different approach to technology as they have guided sessions where the troubled teenagers access technology only for improving social interaction and other aspects which make up a healthy lifestyle. By learning the beneficial uses of technology, teenagers can get rid of gaming and porn addiction.

4. Academics

As the main motive of a Therapeutic boarding school is to help troubled teens cope up with the others, academics is an aspect which such schools consider as a top priority. Due to the decreased student to teacher ratio of such schools, the staff is able to pay attention to each child individually, tracking their progress and guiding them to improve all the time.Thus, you must wisely choose the best boarding school for troubled teens to help the teenager succeed in life.


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