How Abusers Abuse Themselves ; Conclusion

When  you meet someone who, for no clear reason, puts obstacles in his own  path, avoid him.

Compare a normal person…

a crowd of friends,  laughing, able to be spontaneous…

To that repressed person who  is alone.

Many  times you may feel a sense of pity, may think he is vulnerable, and misread all the signals.

People are alone, in many cases, because no one wants to subject themselves to him.

Take a worthwhile person, they have friends, people like them.  Some of their friends date back to primary school, some to college, some to their working life.  New friends are made.

An Abuser is alone.  He has no one.  If he gets you, you will soon have no one, but him and his abuse.

Be conscious of the signs.

Abusers  need psychiatric help and you can not help them.  You can only be their victim.  Let them victimise themselves.


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