Henna My Gray

Sunday, 7.11.21

Today, after morning yoga meetup, I returned home to henna my gray roots and overall hair. I took a shower first, placed petroleum jelly on my forehead, around the ears and neck, and around the crown area of my face to prevent discoloration. I placed it on my scalp and all over my head at 2pm, wrapped my head with a provided plastic cap, and then wrapped my head with a towel into a turban. I used a hairdryer and blew hot air on my head, over the towel turban for a couple of minutes. I then kept myself busy on the computer. At 10 pm, I decided to rinse it off in the shower. I noticed my forehead is stained a little bit. Oh, well, henna tattoos don’t last more than a week anyway. Now, I cannot shower for a day or two so it will set in my hair. 

I used the Light Mountain herbal haircolor–RED–which has henna powder. The animal on the box is a cute Red Fox.


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