Henna Day 10.13.21

Wednesday, 10.13.21

Today is my cover-my-grey-roots day. I used my usual herbal henna product. But I started later than usual around 3 pm, and rinsed off the henna at 11 pm. My hair is a short bob with bangs. Now, I cannot shower for 24 hours for the color to set. So, basically, I will skip a day, and shower on Friday. 

I looked out my slide door, and I saw a cute squirrel pick up the pear core I left out, and it was nibbling on it. Then, it went fast elsewhere with the core. I wasn’t able to take a snapshot with my iPhone. I also noticed there were many birds in my backyard–I am not sure where they were pigeons or doves. Maybe there were attracted to the scraps I was leaving for the squirrels. 


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