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Healthy meets Delicious: Superfoods You Should Eat Every Day

Most of us try to eat as healthy as possible, but then again our working habits and daily routines interfere with cooking and we end up eating whatever we can find or whatever there is in the fridge. The essential thing to keep your diet healthy and delicious is to implement these superfoods into your daily menu. It definitely might be a challenge, since not all are equally appetizing, but they are still monumentally nutritious and powerful.

Superfoods one-on-one

Let’s just think about what happens in your stomach when you eat fast food, potatoes, or pastries every day – nothing! Really, there is nothing nutritious about them except the fact that you feel instant satisfaction while eating them and later, fullness. And what about those healthy nutrients, proteins, and vitamins? Even though there are some healthy nutrients in your favorite foods, you are more likely to find them in blueberries, sardines, vegetables and dairy products. So, here are some of the most delicious, nutrient-rich superfoods that you should insert in your daily diet.

Dairy products

Cottage cheese, kefir,  mozzarella, Parmesan, milk and of course, the all-time favorite yogurt is abundantly rich in amino acids and proteins. However, the best superfood out of the bunch is most surely the yogurt, since it is quite tasty, rich in calcium and B2 vitamin, you can mix it with almost anything. It is also easily digestible, so adding any luscious l glutamine supplement will enhance your muscle strength and provide much-needed cell hydration. Hundreds of millions of healthy probiotic organisms found in dairy products will boost your organism, so go for them!


If you used to eat unhealthy and greasy potato chips and other greasy crisps, the time has come to replace them with the main source of unsaturated fats – nuts! Almonds, chestnuts, hazelnut, or Australian cashew nut all contain a surprising amount of benefit.  You can munch them at any time of the day, put into various dishes and desserts, and create your unique recipes. Walnuts, on the other hand, are the riches in ALA, omega 3 fatty acid presence and anti-inflammatory polyphenols, thus providing them a number 1 superfood out of this list. Not only do they help reduce bad cholesterol level, but also improve your heart rate and mood.


One of the main sources of the much-needed amino acids, eggs are undoubtedly the kings of the high-quality proteins as well. What is more, one egg has about 70 calories and 6 grams of protein, which gives your body a staying power too. Plus egg yolks contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which are two main antioxidants extremely beneficial for your eyesight. You can boil them, mix with meat, make delicious omelette, and even drink them raw, but implementing this superfood into your daily menu will certainly boost up your stamina and endurance, so it is no wonder that many weightlifters opt for them as a go-meal.


Many experts claim that eating a wide variety of power foods will without a question improve your organism, so to ensure optimum health you should start eating some of these superfoods every day. One of those are blueberries. It is a proven fact that they contain more than 40 percents of antioxidants than the above-mentioned competitors. Moreover, they are high in water and defend your body against urinary tract infections. To top up all of that, they guard your body against cancer, dementia, heart diseases and prevent diabetes. You can eat them raw at any time, make tasty smoothies and juices or make appetizing desserts.


An old time favorite brain food, beans are significantly rich in soluble fiber and iron, making them also an essential superfood. Being rich in soluble fiber means that it helps our heart soak up cholesterol before it has a chance to stick to the artery wall, so it will additionally help our body reduce cholesterol up to 15 percent. Great, right?! What is more, beans contain the necessary potassium which helps regulate blood pressure. They might not taste fantastically, but you can find great beans recipes to blend them in into your daily diet.


Actually, salmon has more omega 3 acids then tuna, but being so darn expensive and unattainable, tuna is the second best on the list. Due to the reasons of its accessibility and inexpensiveness, tuna is highly recommendable by weightlifters since it contains iron, potassium, protein, niacin, vitamin B12 and, of course, omega 3 acids, making tuna a budget-friendly mega superfood. You can eat it as single version, mix them with beans or any other vegetable.


Not only are they awfully delicious, but vegetables deliver an ample amount of nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants making them a must meal in your daily routine. For instance, spinach is packed with lutein, a compound that helps you fight macular degeneration, and folate which help reduce the risk of stroke and osteoporosis. There are also tomatoes which are rich in an antioxidant called lycopene that helps fight off bladder, skin, prostate and lung cancer. Furthermore, it is exceptionally yummy and a great superfood. Last but not least, there is broccoli which, as we all may know, are low in calories, they also boost our immune system and the production of detoxifying enzymes.

All in all, these are just some of the fundamental foods that you should start implementing into your daily diet, but there are many other foods that help you stay healthy. Keep the phrase “you are what you eat” in mind, and you will be on the right track.


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