Having a Normal Relationship With Your Ex – 10

As Time Goes By…

Eventually, by playing the role of happy and disconnected you will believe it, you will live it, and this person will truly be your EX.

You can talk to, email, even have coffee with this person, without feeling the slightest sentimentality or regret.  This means that you really have let go. That this person really is your EX.

As time continues to march you’ve got other people and places and things in your world. The Ex is someone you used to know; not sung with remorse or melancholy but indifference.

You were in First Grade with…. You used to live next door to ….You used to be with EX…. You used to use that Tomato Sauce…..

So there’s no reason to activate feelings, no reason to remember.

And you can be as polite and easy with your Ex as you are when being introduced to your co-worker’s sister.


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