Gym Workout 8.18.21

Wednesday, 8.18.21

(I added a snapshot from the internet of Waimanolo Beach, Hawaii).

I opened the garage door to notice wet ground outside and a cloudy sky. As I drove off, I noticed it was only sprinkling light rain. After driving 2 miles on the main street, I stopped at the repair shop to pick up my dkny mules and pay them, before driving to the SC metro gym, which is another 3 miles. 

Today, I decided to walk on the treadmill. I chose the Waimanolo Beach, Hawaii trail, which is a coastal trail. There wasn’t a video, just a map outlining the coastal trail. In 36 minutes, I burned 365 calories and walking 2.42 miles.

Waimanolo Beach is a small community, located between Koolau mountains and Oahu. The beach has white sand

Then, I went on the stationary bicycle and rode for one hour, which was mostly casual riding while people watching gym people. I burned 111 calories and I rode 6.87 miles. 

In total, I burned 476 calories and 9.29 miles. 

As I drove back home, the sprinkling had stopped and the ground was dry. The sky was still cloudy. But the weather was warm in the 70s. 

For lunch, I made a plate of salad and 4oz low-acid coffee from Trader Joes, with 2oz frothed Hemp Milk.


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