Gym Workout 6.23.21

Wednesday, 6.23.21

Today, I went to the gym, and decided to do the 10am Zumba class. I sweated a lot, although my steps were off because I am not coordinated. The attempt was still fun. 

Then, at 11 am, I went on the treadmill and walked the Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal trail. There wasn’t a video or photos for this trail, just a map. But there were 10 TV screens, hanging from the ceiling to check out. I checked out the weather on one screen, and I noticed it will rain on Wednesday, most likely at night because it is nice and sunny right now. The trail was also mostly downhill and flat ground. So, it felt like an easy walk because it wasn’t uphill. I walked 2.36 miles for 35 minutes, burning 279 calories. 

Then, I drove home, arriving at noon. It was a good workout today. I feel energized and alert, and happy we don’t have to wear a mask anymore. 

But who knows what will happen next in the future because I heard the elites are creating a new flu to keep people enslaved. Let’s hope something backfires so that we don’t go backwards…


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