Full Moon, Opening Ceremony & Errands

Friday, 7.23.21, Full Moon Day

I woke up at 6 am to feed Gumby, before I did my own breakfast, which is mostly fruit–pineapple and papaya pieces, a cup of Matcha Green tea with a tablespoon of Coconut Creamer, and my vitamins. I turned on TV on NBC to notice that the morning Olympic Opening Ceremony had started at 4 am. I watched the 2nd half while eating my breakfast. I will wait for the 4:30 pm encore to watch the whole Opening Ceremony for Tokyo Summer Olympics. It also comes on again at 9:30pm, for people who work all day.

After eating my lunchtime Oats Smoothie, I decided to change my clothes and go on some errands. Gumby was out of litter, and I needed some stuff from CVS, in particularly footcare items and sensitive teeth toothpastes. I wore my green maxi dress and green sandals. The weather was nice and breezy outside.  


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  1. We haven’t watched much of the Olympics at all here. I was disgusted after hearing that Americans were kneeling for the National Anthem and that is jjust disgusting. They shouldn’t be allowed to represent the USA with that bull.

    • celebrities and athletes always create some kind of drama at big events about some cause or something. i dont really pay attention to them. simone biles stepped down from competing for mental health, but she performed in the last program on the beam. it worked out for gymnastics because it allowed the other girls to win medals, and suni lee won three–one of each color. simone got the bronze. so, they are all returned home with at least one medal.

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