Finished Invisalign

Wednesday, 11.4.20

This morning, I had an appointment to take out the invisalign buttons off my teeth. I took some after photos. I am now waiting for the retainers to keep my teeth in place. I don’t want my teeth to start moving back again, like the first time during my 40s. I am wearing my last pair of trays while waiting for my retainers.  I now need to work on cleaning my teeth better. It seems to be a little dark between my teeth, probably from the activated charcoal. 

I was surprised that I only had to wear them for only 3 1/2 months. I thought it was going to be 5 months, which I was OK with anyway. I didn’t feel any soreness the whole time. It was comfortable. In the beginning, it was hard to take it out, but I eventually got used to it, and it became easier. The trays were a little tight in the beginning but it felt OK. After a couple of hours, it felt normal that I forgot about them in my mouth. I didn’t even mind taking them in and out of my mouth every time I ate or drank something. I kind of enjoyed the meditative process. I also added oil pulling with coconut oil and mouthwash in this process. 


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