Facebook causes depression – Stanford University Research

New York – Researchers have claimed that social interactions websites and especially the use of Facebook increased mental stress and depression.

Stanford University conducted research studies for the consumer’s mood and changes caused by the Internet, which resulted in surprising results. According to experts, they gathered data from US social media users, especially, during which it came to mind that people who are part of any website or social network are uncomfortable.

Investigators says that especially those who use Facebook are not happy and satisfied with their lives, they were found to suffer mental stress or insecurity. Experts also say that during this study, users suggested leaving  Facebook for a month, those who follow the instructions have made wonderful changes in their lives, they were very happy and went out of depression.

Consequently, users have been given this suggestion, If they want to be happy, please leave the use of social media for at least one month and give them the minimum time, if it happen again.then repeat the same process.

Experts also say that Facebook can not be terminated from any user immediately but gradually, because he becomes a part of social contact by making an ID again. Research has further added that the emotional and mental affects of consumers who spend time on Facebook and twitter are greatly affected.

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