Face Mapping Study to Your Health

Sunday, 9.29.19

Face mapping based on where you get acne. This video is interesting, although I don’t get pimples anymore. When I was young, I mostly got zits in my T-Zone area because I had normal/combination skin as well as I used to eat a lot of junk food as a teen.

Different colors lips have to do with your health.

  1. Dry chapped lips have to do with dehydration, allergies or diabetes.
  2. Pale—white ash grey color—has to do with anemia. Your body needs more blood or red blood cells. You need to eat more foods with iron, such as broccoli red dates, and red meat.  You might also have cold hands and feet, which has to do with digestive system and cold stomach issues. It is important to eat “yang foods,” such as nectarines, squash, lytchee, pumpkin, pineapple, cherries, mango, mussel, lam, and ham.
  3. Red lips have to do with bad breath and craving snacks. It indicates the body is overheated, where the liver and spleen are overworking. To improve your situation, consider Chrysanthemum tea, bittermelon, celery, and honey, as well as sleeping early before 11pm, relax, and destress. I think a good way to destress is by drinking a cup of Peppermint tea before bedtime.
  4. Purple-green lips are common during wintertime. But during other times, it might be because of your heart and respiratory issues.
  5. Dark red to black lips have to do digestive system issues. Don’t eat any processed food. Instead, opt for congee, sweet potato, tofu, and lemon juice in your water.
  6. Dark purple to black lip outline has to do with an imbalance of yin/yang in the body. Your body might be simultaneously up fire and cold. It is best to rest and eat well. Don’t eat processed food or spicy foods.
  7. Natural rosy pink lips indicate you are healthy.

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Written by Fifi Leigh

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  1. after watching this video, i decided to check my lips in the mirror. i noticed my top lip had a dark outline, which indicates i need to sleep more as well as stay away from processed and spicy food. i think it makes sense.

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