Doctor’s bad writing prescription have negative effects on the patient

Experts says that the simple, clear and clear writing of doctors prescription will be useful and easy for patients, but bad writing prescription which cannot be understand, patients will have negative effects.

According to the Academy of Medical Royal College, patients suffering from illness required good care and beautiful interaction from doctor’s in a good caring way rather than medicine. The sick mind and the body are not able to take or accept any other problem but it is common observation that Patient gets distressed by seeing the doctor prescription.

Doctor’s bad writing prescription does not have any comfort for patients Instead, patients has to take support from chemist to read and understand it. In the doctor prescriptions Italian language are commonly used. I.e. OD in front advised medicine and twice a day BD and thrice a day TDS, in front of advised medicine. While for just pain and as per need SOS is written.

In this confusion patients repeatedly visit chemist for confirmation and understanding of the medicines, and if this is the case, work should be done but minor cough and nausea symptoms are written in such a way that patient get confuse and simple patient understanding himself suffering in any big disease.

Clear prescription have a positive and emotional effect on human minds, beautiful and charming writing is a sensation of mind and promotes positive thinking. While  rough and bad writing describes fear and low motivation. Beautiful  writing is power and motivates the mind. These are the reason that experts of the Academy of Medical Royal College have instructed doctors to keep the writing simple and easy while suggesting medication and taking the patient’s history. It will not only be easy for patients to understand, but also it will happy effects on patients.

Beautiful and simple writing have got another benefits that patient will not commit mistake in taking medication and also patient will be well aware of his medical history with out any help and this process will help and deal with the disease.


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