Disqualifying Yourself

In my country, a famous athlete has publically refused to take the Covid-19 innoculation if/when it becomes available in Jamaica.

That statement, by that athlete is on par with Louis Farrakhan’s admonishion that Black Americans reject the vaccination.

I’m sure every White Supremist in America is cracking up, saying;  “It is too easy!”   For the fact is, the virus is attacking more non-whites than whites, more poor than rich.   

To announce:  “Blacks to the Back of the Line!”  would cause world wide outcry.   But if Blacks can choose to be at back, or not even join the line, then more whites can rest assured that they’ll get the jab.

In New York City, when it was announced that a batch of vaccines were being sent to a particular clinic in a Hispanic neighbourhood, Whites from all over the city raced there.

The line was tiny, for most Hispanics are refusing the jab.   So the Whites got the bulk. 

The Mayor was livid!  Oh he ranted, until someone told him that the Hispanics refused to take the jab.   That meant, since there’s a time limit on the innoculation that the Whites taking it prevented it being discarded.

My country has nearly 3M people.   In a normal situation, ordering 4M innoculations would be logical.  Two jabs, and if there was further demand, more could be ordered.

Of course, the cost is enormous…But!   If the Government can encourage the majority of poor fools NOT to take the jab, then getting less than 400k would save bags of coin.   And the Governement can toss up its hands and say;  “Well, they didn’t want to take it!”   

Which, of course is true.

I am sure in many countries those at the bottom will be talked out of taking it, meaning that they should be the ones to die, while those at the top, prosper.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar

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