Dawn's Light – Covid-19

The importance of the pandemic which began in January 2020 is that it will change the perceptions of various nations; primarily, the United States.

The world was taught that  the United States was the ‘leading’ nation, ‘advanced’ and willing to ‘assist’ the rest of the world.  

Now this propaganda has exploded.

With the election of Trump and his dismantling of various organisations, primarily those which deal with the environment and health,  the path for a pandemic was smoothed.

That America has suffered more infections and deaths than anywhere else in the world is astounding.   Skimming the statistics for “Sh8thole countries”, (Trump’s term) all are doing better than the United States.

It is more likely a person will catch Corvid-19 and die in Washington D.C. than in Wilmsted (Curacao) or Windhoek (Namibia).

Currently, the United States, ‘the richest nation in the world’  is receiving supplies from Turkey, Russia, China, even Jamaica.

Further, where other nations recognise the need for ‘social distance’ and ‘curfews’ and ‘lock downs’  America is looking to Sweden as the example.

Sweden, which never locked down,  has ten times as many cases as Denmark and Norway, nations which have locked down.

Seeing the support Trump gives to those who rally against the lock downs, it is expected that as soon as the ‘barriers’ are removed the number of infections will shoot up, followed by deaths.

No longer do other nations look to the United States for Guidance.

Considering the situation, this should continue for the foreseeable future.


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