Can't Do Better – 8

There are people who may give a sunny exterior but inside they are very dark.

One of the signs are those who shut off their phones so that they can only call you when they feel like.   It is rather uncomfortable to see a missed call, try to call and their phone is off and stays off.

This is not the off at night or for a specific reason, such as being in Court or teaching a class or simply at work.   This is the person who calls you, then locks off their phone.  The person who must control when others have permission to speak to them.

One of the things you’ll find with these ‘control freaks’ is that they  have a labelling system. Perfectly nice people who don’t behave precisely as they demand are excoriated, (behind their backs).

They can call a fatherly guy a ‘predator’ because he hugs, or a quiet woman ‘rude’ because she doesn’t say anything.

These people  have a way of twisting reality to match their ideas and making demands when it suits them.   If you do not ‘obey’ their order you are shunted out of their lives and join the ranks of persons they will slander.


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Written by jaylar

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