Can't Do Better – 36

The ‘tell’ in the previous article is in the response of ‘Jade’.

After stating that she is going out and never stirring, if  you ask;  “Weren’t you going out?” she will bark;  “How is that your business!”  

This snarling when caught in a lie is standard for people who can’t do better.

The first time it happens is not the last.  

Learn not to speak to them.  When they blather say nothing.  Nod.  Never believe a word they say about any thing or any one, and never reveal it.

Eventually when Jade says she’s going out for pizza and doesn’t move act as if you never heard her say it.

Never ask her for anything, never promise to get her anything, be as unavailable as possible.

And do your best to avoid contact.


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Written by jaylar

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