Can't Do Better – 18

There are men, abusive men, who marry, abuse their wives, are divorced, marry again, abuse wife two are divorced, marry again… and abuse wife three.

Abusive men  NEVER admit the abuse was the cause of the divorce.  Never accept it was his fault that the marriages collapsed. 

Most importantly;  He will NEVER change.

When he is too old to effectively batter a woman, or she’s young and can knock him, or he can’t get his hands on someone, he will resort to trying to manipulate by words.

He might ask a potential (or previous victim he has refriended)  to do him a favour.  This favour is complex, time consuming, and the purpose is not the stated result, the purpose is control

If the potential victim simply doesn’t have time to perform the task  she will be verbally excoriated.  

A normal person will ponder what made did this Abuser think, for one second that anyone would perform these tasks?

But Abusers think they control the world and everyone in it.


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Written by jaylar

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