Can't Do Better – 11

After two rent less months, Ms Rein who had let Jade take the room based on Kevin’s recommendation, now turned on him.

It was his fault she had rented the flat to Jade.

Jade could hear Ms Rein excoriate Kevin.  It meant nothing to her.   She couldn’t care less about the difficulty she caused.  She wanted a free lodging in a certain area, used Kevin, got what she wanted, and everyone else could pay the price.

People like Jade are known for these kinds of actions.  They are totally unconcerned with other people, they don’t recognise other people as equals; that is if they even recognise they exist.  

Other people are merely opportunities to be exploited.

Jade’s lies, told to Kevin, and repeated by him, had  caused Ms Rein to rent her the flat.   That receiving no rent, realising she had been tricked, Ms Rein excoriate Kevin.  The idea of feeling sorry or responsible did not arise in Jade’s mind; she was Jade and owned the world.


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Written by jaylar

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