Benefits Of Ginseng Tea

From the name, it’s easy to tell that the ginseng plant originates from Korea. People use the root of the plant to make ginseng tea, or insam-cha, which is a popular herbal beverage. Most people prefer taking it without milk and sugar to reduce the number of calories in their intake.

The ginseng plant is grown in three different areas in the world. They are; Asia, America, and Siberia. It should be drunk while hot for it to be effective. The popular gold-colored drink, just like other supplements, has many health benefits and here are some of them.

1. It Helps in Weight LossIf you’re overweight but don’t fancy the idea of going to the gym, there’s a more natural way to get rid of those unwanted pounds. That’s by taking a cup of ginseng tea on a regular basis. It contributes to faster loss by helping to keep your appetite in check.

Though it’s bitter, take it in its natural state without sugar and milk for it to work faster. You could speed up the weight loss process by doing some exercises as you take it.

2. It Provides a Solution to Erectile DysfunctionThe word ‘ginseng’ comes from the Chinese word ‘jin shen,’ which means ‘like a man.’ It boosts erection in men. Continued intake of the tea speeds up the healing process. For it to work, experts tell men to lose weight if they’re obese. They’re also told to stop taking drugs if they’re using them and stick to a strict ginseng-taking schedule.

3. It Treats Respiratory System Related IssuesWhether you’re down with the cold or pneumonia, taking ginseng tea is a fast way to receive treatment. You can get cured by taking the tea or inhaling its sweet aroma. It unblocks the nose and clears your throat.

It should be drunk hot. You can add a bit of honey to improve the taste or have it as it is. If you often get sick, having a cup of it helps strengthen your immune system.

4. It Stimulates Brain CellsAre you having trouble concentrating at work or school? You may have tried getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep, but it doesn’t seem to work. Try out ginseng tea. This healthy drink stimulates the brain cells, increasing your alertness levels and activity. Having a cup in the morning and during the day helps to speed up its stimulating power.

5. It Relieves Menstrual CrampsMost women complain that painkillers aren’t enough to treat menstrual cramps. Specialists recommend that women should have a warm cup of the drink throughout their cycle. It may not get rid of the cramps, but it will offer lasting relief from them.

It won’t hurt to continue taking it even after your period. You won’t have to groan every time your periods are around the corner when using ginseng tea.

6. It’s Good for Your HairThis may come as a surprise, but it’s true. It’s said that smooth, strong and shiny hair is a sign that you’re healthy. Making use of hair products is a step, but, if you have dry-looking and rough hair, the problem could be within.

A cup of ginseng tea makes all the difference. Its healing properties soothe an itchy and dry scalp. Not only does it give you strong and smooth hair, but it treats other conditions such as baldness too.

7.  It Gives You Healthy SkinSpotting unhealthy skin is easy. If it is, it is dry, scaly and in the worst cases, flakes fall off from it when it’s scratched. Taking enough water is one way to treat it. Drinking ginseng tea is another better alternative.

It contains antioxidants. These offer protection from free radicals that negatively affect the skin and body. It enhances the balance of fluids in the body, thus giving you healthy and younger skin. Plus, it gets rid of blemishes, wrinkles, age spots and other unpleasant marks on the body.

8. It Helps You Reduce Stress LevelsStress is a severe condition that claims many lives per year. It’s impossible to avoid it, but it’s possible to manage it. Having a cup of ginseng tea helps keep cortisol levels at their lowest. This keeps you relaxed and happy.

It also keeps stress away by enhancing the circulation of blood around the body. It’s recommended that you have it warm or hot on a regular level to help keep you in high spirits.

9. It Improves DigestionIf you’re suffering from indigestion, bloating or constipation, a cup of ginseng tea will make it all go away. It encourages the secretion of pepsin, a digestive enzyme that promotes better digestion. You should take it thrice a day; in the morning before breakfast before lunch and after dinner. Having a cup in-between is alright too.


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