Basic Workout Plan at Home for 10 Weeks without Using Equipment

Healthy way or the unhealthy way – the choice is yours.

Opt for the unhealthy way and get ready to endure the pain your body will go through in the later phase of your life. No one likes it when they are called fat or chubby. And many individuals are struggling very hard, working out day and night, to attain the ‘desirable’ figure. While this world is full of bullies, you will have to learn the art of not paying attention to their words. Easier said than done but you will have to learn how to ignore the meaningless comments thrown at you. An easy way is to make yourself your best friend. Subscribe to a service like HughesNet Satellite Internet or indulge in reading books. Simultaneously, keep working hard to lose those fatty layers. However, DO NOT be harsh to yourself.

Here’s how you can lose weight in a healthy manner:

Easy on the Calories

To begin with, you can (actually you should) cut down the number of calories you consume. NO, this change does not have to be drastic. Let it come to you gradually. But do not delay. A good way of reducing the high-calorie intake is to do the following:

  • Start consuming more fruits and vegetables.
  • Eat slower than your usual speed.
  • Shift to a smaller plate.
  • Be conscious of what you are feeding yourself.

Shift to Fiber Rich Food

Foods that are rich in fiber give you a fuller feeling without having to consume a lot of them. Hence, allowing you to consume fewer calories. This, in turn, helps you lose some weight. In case you are wondering, you will find fiber in all food items that come from plants. These include:

  • Oats
  • Brown rice
  • Beans
  • Fruits and vegetables

Time to shit to fiber!

Blame it on the A-A-A-A-Alcohol!

It is a well-established fact that if you want to lose weight, you will have to cut down the amount of alcohol that you consume. Alcohol is bad for your weight for two reasons:

  • It is rich in useless calories.
  • It leaves you hungrier.

Together, these two make the perfect candidates for weight-gain. Therefore, reduce the amount of alcohol. And let the magic happen.

Water- Your New Best friend

Consume plenty of water. Apart from having to make several trips to the restroom, there’s nothing bad that consuming water will gift you. It will give you a full tummy feeling at all times. Hence, you would eat lesser than you usually do. The radiant skin will be a bonus.

Replace Carbs with Good Fats

Not all fats are bad fats. There are some good ones amongst them as well. And those are the ones that you should opt for. In case, you did not know, the following food items contain good fats:

  • Fish
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Olive Oil

Opt for these healthier fats, and you will notice the difference. Add coconut oil to the list as well.

Eat More Often

Oh, that does not imply that you consume a 1000 calories with each meal you consume. This means that reduce the portion size of your meals. And eat more often. Divide your calories intake for the day between five to six meals. This will keep your hunger at bay. However, it is very essential to plan your portions. You do not want to end up consuming more calories than you should.

Stop Lazing Around

Although, you can accomplish a lot with replacing unhealthy food options with healthy ones, working out is part of losing weight. And that too in a not so unhealthy way. So, when you make up your mind that you have to shed off the extra layers of fat, look up for some good work-out routines as well.

Here, I share with you an effective workout regime. Following this for ten weeks will give you noticeable results.


  • 20 reps of squats
  • A fifteen-second plank
  • 25 reps of crunches
  • 35 rounds of jumping jacks
  • Fifteen lunges
  • 25-second wall sit
  • sit-ups of 10 rounds
  • 10 butt kicks
  • five push-ups


  • 10 reps of squats
  • 30-second plank
  • 25 reps of crunches
  • 10 rounds of jumping jacks
  • lunges up to 25
  • 45-second wall sit
  • sit-ups of 35 rounds
  • 20 butt kicks
  • 10 rounds of push-ups


  • Fifteen squats
  • A 40-second plank
  • 30 reps of crunches
  • 50 reps of  jumping jacks
  • 25 rounds of  lunges
  • 35-second wall sits
  • 30 reps of sit-ups
  • 25 reps of butt kicks
  • 10 push ups


  • 35 repetitions of squats
  • planks of around 30 seconds
  • 20 rounds of crunches
  • 25 reps of jumping jacks
  • 15 lunges
  • 60-second wall sit
  • sit-ups of 55 repetitions
  • 35 butt kicks
  • 20 repetitions of push-ups


  • 25 reps of squats
  • A sixty-second plank
  • 30 reps of crunches
  • 55 rounds of jumping jacks
  • 60 reps of lunges
  • 45-second wall sit
  • 40 reps of sit-ups
  • 50 reps of butt kicks
  • 30 repetitions of push-ups

On Saturdays and Sundays, we rest!

Follow this routine for a good ten weeks. In case, you do not know how to perform any of these exercises, you can always watch YouTube tutorials. If you have a subscription to HughesNet plans or any other company’s plans, you can easily stream videos to guide you. Plenty of professionals have their own YouTube channels where they constantly post videos to help you.


What do you think?


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