Americans Losing Their Rights

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

The Zionist-occupied USA government is being unconstitutional and tyrannical during One World Lockdown, forcing people to comply with Prison Planet requirements, or they will become arrested. This includes not wearing a mask by healthy people as well as participating their protests and rallies to fight for their rights as American Citizens. Wow, they were even arrested for going to church to worship God. The Zionists are pushing their New World Agenda too far, for a minor virus that can be cured easily, even though many hospitals are intentionally killing curable people.

They are shoving the “new normal” down people throat, which is slavery under One World Government Prison Planet.

The final New World Order slavery solution is the toxic vaccines, which is embedded with a microchip. This Zionist-government so-called cure will have much worse effects than the Corona-thing.


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