After Abuse – Child as Abuser – 103

Samantha had gone through previous ‘water boardings’  by her son.

 Tommy had always claimed he wanted to live with his father. He rebuffed her offers of living with her.  Yet, despite these facts  he focused this enormous ‘blame’  on his mother as if everything was her fault.

That she had taken very little part in his upraising, was not entirely her choice.   Tommy always insisted that he was happy where he was.  

When he was an adult, living on his own, he invited her to visit.  

Samantha did, assuming there would be a reconciliation or some opening of  dialogue.  

He made her feel unwanted, as if she were two steps from a hard punch in the face.

She left and there was little communication. Then it began again, and again Tommy invited her to visit.  And again, she was made us uncomfortable as possible.

Over the following years there was almost no contact.  Then Tommy had someone call Samantha  and tell her to call him.  He could have called her, if he wanted to talk, but that was not Tommy’s way.

And Samantha knew it.

This is what saved Samantha.   She had analysed her relationship with her son and saw that every opportunity as some kind of reconciliation was destroyed by him.   


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Written by jaylar

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