After Abuse – Child Abuser -113

Many Parents refuse to believe that their children would do things to hurt them.   Many parents could not envision behaviours in which the child only produces a sense of distaste in the parent.

It is not a situation where ‘something happened’  and the child blames the parent for (fill in the blank) that makes logical sense when put into words,  it is a convoluted kind of ‘reasoning’  which logic and facts play no part..

In many cases to try to explain what is happening or happened takes hours, or a number of chapters in an article as this one,  because there is no simple answer, there is no clear logic.

The fact is, Abusers need psychiatric intervention.  They need a long period which may not be effective as in many cases there is a part of them which appreciates their behaviour is non productive.   A part of them which knows that they are hurting themselves, yet. 

Yet as all abusers, they gain a twisted pleasure in the belief they are hurting someone. 


What do you think?


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