After Abuse – 77

There comes  a point in an Abuser’s life when he is old or infirm and has no one.  He then decides to ‘recycle’ his victims.

Out of nowhere,  your Ex (husband/wife, employer, parents, children, etc.) contacts you about something.  It is usually some monetary benefit that accrues to you.  

There are two reasons for this.  

On one hand the Abuser wants you to deny yourself to fix him/her.  This gives him a great talking point and paints an angelic portrait.

The other is that he has no one and feels s if s/he ‘pays’ you  will be ‘grateful’ and it will be a way back ‘in’ .

As you should know this as you know your name, you can set up your ‘protocols’  so as to get the benefit and discharge the Ex.  

It isn’t impossible.

As long as you know your Abuser;  as long as you have analysed the tricks, the lies, the games, you know how to play him and protect yourself.


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Written by jaylar

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