After Abuse – 75

Emma is the kind of person you strive to become when you escape Abuse.   The kind of woman who analyses what  happened, how it happened, and knew how not to play the Abuser’s game.

Although what Emma did, by travelling to where her Abusive ex husband, Ethan, lived may be considered ‘risky’,  the monetary benefits were necessary for her to survive her old age.

To deny herself social security benefits to ‘fix’ Ethan was senseless.   She was not willing to hurt herself to ‘fix’ him, which is what Ethan would do.  

He had, during their marriage those decades ago, denied himself, hurt himself, in hope of hurting her.

As Emma had explored every atom of the abuse she experienced, as she knew how he set the traps and primed the triggers, she was not simply immune to him, she was able to predict the games and provocations he would set.

When he ran that paper shredder at night while she tried to sleep, she found it hysterically funny.

 Ethan had  paid for her ticket. If she missed the flight, he would be out of pocket, not her.  Further,   he had to drive her to the airport, so by running that paper shredder, he was hurting himself.

Emma had expected Ethan’s actions from the moment he booked that horrible flight in that cold month.  

The entire episode was a victory for Emma.  She had proven that her analysis of Ethan the Abuser was correct and made her able to predict what would and did happen.


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Written by jaylar

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