After Abuse – 74

As Emma had fully analysed the abuse she had suffered decades ago when she was married to Ethan, she knew his  ‘game plan’.  She expected it.   As if watching a movie she had seen before, Emma  left her home, her comfortable home,to travel to the city where many years ago she had lived with the abusive Ethan.

She travelled to gain her social security benefits.

With that foremost in her mind, with complete understanding of the abusive Ethan, she was able to spend early Sunday morning to early Wednesday morning in his company.

There had been no arguments.

Despite his attempts to provoke her;  from the 2 am flight, the horrible ghetto hole he put her to reside, to the running of a paper shredder while she was trying to sleep;  Nothing got a response from Emma.

When she boarded that flight to return home, she congratulated herself on being able to see through Ethan as if he was glass.  

She had not allowed him, the horrible living conditions, even that ridiculous running of paper shredder at night to provoke her.

She had come here to gain her social security benefits, and did.  She had completed her visit successfully.

She did so because she KNEW for a fact, that Ethan would do all he could to so upset her and somehow destroy this chance that nothing he did could, in any way, deter her from her goal.


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Written by jaylar

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