After Abuse – 72

Emma, ‘imported’ to New York by her Abusive Ex,  had ‘gushed’ about seeing the sites.  She did this  because she wanted to get out of the city and away from Ethan as quickly as possible.

Having been abused by him, she knew he would invariably do the opposite of what she ‘desired’.

As expected, her ‘gushing’ got him to book her a flight, leaving early the next morning.

That night, having failed in all his attempts to upset or provoke her, Ethan tried running a paper shredder while she ‘slept’.

Emma had the blanket over her head and did not react, at least to Ethan’s perception.  In reality, she was stifling laughs because he had to wake early in the morning todrive her to the airport.

He had paid for the tickets and they were not refundable.

Emma wasn’t sentimental about which flight she took, so if Ethan missed this one, he would have to pay for another ticket.   He  must have realised that if he didn’t take her to the airport, she would miss the flight and he would be out of pocket.  

So he stopped shredding paper, and went to bed.


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Written by jaylar

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