After Abuse – 66

If you are not familiar with abusive relationships and the victims  who never analyse their abuse, what write sounds unbelievable.   However,  victims of abuse who never explore it or heal from it,  wind up hurting themselves.

In an actual case, Paul and Jack spent  over six years ‘fixing” their father by making no attempt whatsoever to gain the house that their grandmother left to them in her Will.

They made no attempt because their father was the one who told them about the Will, their father was the one who kept phoning and emailing, and even visiting trying to get them to take legal action.

Had they been told about the Will by some neutral person they would have probably done what was required.  But it was their hated father, the Abuser, who had told them.  And to hurt their father was the centre of their lives.

That he was pushing them to claim the house was enough to have them race in the opposite direction.

Their beloved Uncle, who know what the Will said, had moved into the house when his mother was still alive, spent money on repairs with her knowledge.

When his mother died, the Uncle of Paul and Jack acted as if he believed the house had been left to him, and spent money on it.

After over six years of inaction  when they learned their Uncle renting out the house, acting as if he owned it, Paul and Jack made an attempt to have it transferred to their name.

This fatal hesitation was done to ‘fix’ their father.


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Written by jaylar

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