After Abuse – 41

For those unfamiliar with abuse, especially the abuse of parents by their children, the story of Amelia seems a ‘reach’.

Why would Jason tell his mother that her granddaughter wanted to know her history if it wasn’t true?

The fact is simple; Jason told his mother so that she would labour over emails, day after day, which would go unread.   This made Jason feel ‘in control’  and that he was ‘fixing’ his mother.

That Amelia, either accidentally or deliberately, sent a ‘chapter’ of her life totally out of order, (skipping from her grandmother’s marriage to her first day of school) and such went unnoticed, proved the fact that all Jason wanted to do was to  ‘prove’ he can ‘control’ his mother.  

When Amelia realised that her emails were not being read she had the ‘Epiphany’.   She realised how truly malignant Jason was.   She was able to flip through the years and see him as he was.   

This enabled her to extract herself from the relationship without having any confrontation.  She just stopped writing, didn’t contact him, went on with her life.


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Written by jaylar

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