After Abuse – 31

When  one leaves an Abusive relationship, there must be time to heal. There must be time to reevaluate and to recover.

The wisest move when it comes to subsequent relationships is to have meaningless ones.   To date people you can never love or become serious about.

To lock one’s self in a nunnery or to look to ‘fix’ the other with a super charged relationship is a huge mistake.  What you need is to be able to separate fun from passion, love from like, and keep your emotions in check.

Someone is leaving in six months, this is a good reentry to the dating arena.  Keeping it light is vital.

What you want to do is slowly return to dating.  Dating without possibility of a serious relationship.  Selecting those one can simply  talk with, those who can enter and leave without any dislocation is what you need.


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