After Abuse – 123

After physically escaping Abuse, the mental aspect needs to be honoured and cultivated, and comprehended.  

In this way one regains their sense of self, one gains an understanding of the Abuser, and one can actually deal with that person with indifference.

Indifference is the most important attitude you need to fully adopt.  You can not hold the anger and the hatred and the need to retaliate and punish.    To do this keeps you two steps from the Abuse.  

To not excrete anger, hatred, the need to ‘get back’ at the Abuser  will cause you to make bad decisions not based on logic and fact but on hurt.   You must excrete it so that you are truly indifferent.

You must let go of  ‘Victim’  emotion and grasp indifference.

When one is indifferent to the Abuser the effect on him/her is denigration.  

Nothing hurts an Abuser more than indifference.  You don’t feel anger or hate because they are too insignificant to provoke any feelings within you.

You can accept their advisories, gifts, with a thank you.


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