After Abuse – 118

Other Abusive Children only notice their their parents when they have use

Selma was so happy to hear from her son Trevor.   She wanted to do one of those video calls but he said he was driving.

He then told her needed certain documents.

She not only didn’t have them, she never had them and told him where he could go to get them.

This annoyed Trevor.

He said he’d call back and hung up.

Selma was supposed to wait anxiously for his call or call him.

Parents who don’t recognise the Abuse, parents who don’t analyse it, will suffer anguish.  No matter the circumstances, the when or who or what, they will feel guilty for (fill in) and suffer.

Parents who have wondered and considered and analysed will be aware of the potential that what is happening is not a son trying to get in touch with a mother, but an Abuser looking for a victim.


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