After Abuse – 109

One’s only protection from Abuse is to recognise it, analyse it, understand it, and be able to master the mind of the Abuser.  

Forget logic, forget benefit, do not ever analyse Abuse with the thought that there is some reason for it or that the Abuser gains anything from it, save a sense of power.

For example, in the previous article, Samantha, who saw through her abusive son as glass, knew Exactly how to play him.

She knew that he wanted her to call to abuse her and then wanted to be able to say;  “She stopped calling because she couldn’t take the truth!”

Knowing this, Samantha continued to call, even when he didn’t answer.

In a way she was happy to have escaped the water boarding but needed to make it clear that it was Tommy who wasn’t interested, not her.

She knew he did not expect the peaceful happy woman who seemed interested in his life.

This was the benefit of understanding the mind of the Abuser.


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