Abuse Take Aways – End

Most Abusers are Narcissists.  

They think they know everything, can control everything, and you are there as ‘lunch’.    When you live with one, you learn the pattern.   You learn not to bother to try to force light into their darkness.

They’ll wrongly use big words, they’ll mix up concepts, they’ll repeat rubbish.  Ignore.  Say nothing.  You are not being paid to advise.

Once you learn the pattern you don’t need a re run.  You learn how to truncate conversations, how to avoid, how to disrupt, so that you escape.

Don’t think you are ‘transferring’  or ‘implying’   certain traints, once recognised, extend to all Narcissists.

Don’t wipe out what you experienced, don’t forget.  

Remember all the tricks, the eye movements, the attitudes, so that it never happens again.


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Written by jaylar

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