Abuse Take Aways – 3

When you leave a Boss from Hell you have learned the tricks and how to play them.

Tossing file on your desk on Friday afternoon?  As soon as he moves away, run out, telling someone as you pass; “I have to go!”

Shut off your phone, and get away.  Create some lie about a family/friend emergency.  Be vague.

The Boss from Hell will berate you,  stand your ground;  “It was an emergency!”

Create some duty that requires you to report somewhere thirty minutes or so after quitting time.  In this way, you do not do overtime.   You do not give him extra time to abuse you.  

When he berates you, say nothing.  After all, he is paying for your time.  Then, leave to go to the bathroom.  A fifteen minute break.

If you seem a good victim, you can do about 4 hours of work for 8 hours pay.


Do not lose your temper.   Don’t worry about


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Written by jaylar

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