9 Biggest Turn Offs For Women | Things we do That Women HATE!!

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Gentlemen, today we’re doing the ladies a solid we’re going over nine things that we as dudes do that totally turn her off please note these turn offs are in no specific order, they all suck.

Turn off number one is bad personal hygiene now the majority of you have a hygiene under control, but there are a few that could potentially have long dirty, unkempt fingernails this is nasty not to mention bad breath.

Turn off number two is bad shoes dude chicks don’t notice dude shoes you would be wrong, sir they notice, gentlemen all you got to make sure is that you’re not guilty of the 3ds dated dirty or dorky.

Turn off number three I just don’t know if I should say it insecurity is the most unsexy thing and the biggest turnoff confidence my friend’s confidence is sexy so if you’re one of those guys whores constantly saying do you still like me do you think I’m good-looking like seriously, I know you know seriously do you come on you can tell me if you don’t do you just check out another dude I saw you look and you think they’re hotter than me don’t you constantly needing reassurance is one of the biggest turn offs not just for chicks it’s a turn-off for dudes, have you ever dated a woman who’s constantly like excuse me TV and what that move was but I probably thought it when dating somebody who was super insecure guys don’t be that there’s no.

Number four is being rude to waitresses cashiers service agents or even breasts being rude is a humongous and when I say humongous I mean super humongous dating red flag it’s not only inappropriate it’s rude you look like a dick turn-off.

Number five your ex-girlfriend talking trash about your ex-girlfriend, her boyfriend, whatever you’re into is not only bad taste, it’s bad form, but also being too close with that ex we’re just great friends I know when dude logic, we think we should talk about our ex and really trash or so that our new person is like oh he has no desire, wanting her anymore right, I know and the other side of the equation is we think well if we act like we’re friends we’ll look like a super great guy bro dude logic out the window something simple like she’s a great girl we just weren’t great together that’s all you need.

Turn off number six being a dirty little boy’s filthy car filthy bedroom filthy kitchen filthy bathroom if you are living in filth this is a humongous turn off please note you don’t need the nicest car the nicest part Minh the nicest furniture you just need to keep the stuff you have clean.

Turn off number seven being a bad conversationalist she’s talking you’re looking at the phone looking around checking out other people, gentlemen this is a no-go and we’ll turn her off super fast another thing is when you interrupt her all right now let’s address the first situation you’re not paying attention guys listening requires not only your ears also your eyes and your entire body you can tell when somebody is engaged in actually listening to you you can also tell when somebody could care less about what you’re saying and if you’re not paying ¬†attention gentlemen, turning off the switch the other thing that will turn it off is interrupting let her finish her thought then you can speak.

Turn off number eight is being clingy hurriedly going out with the girls can I come no please I swear I’ll be the DD it’s cool no you like me do you and turn off number 9 is a being selfish in bed

Hopefully now that you know knowing is half the battle all that good stuff gentlemen let’s continue to kick ass and be amazing.

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