7 Signs Your Kidney May not Functioning Properly || Ckd Symptoms ||

The kidney, like all other body organs, is very vital for the body’s proper functioning. However, it should be taken care of to ensure that it carries out its stipulated functions properly. Nevertheless, it may fail due to factors completely out of an individual’s control says, for example, genetic factors. Kidney failure may be highlighted by some of the following pointers.1. Changes in the color of your urine. 2. Nausea and vomiting. 3. Swollen body parts, for example, the ankles, face or legs. 4.   Feeling tired and generally sluggish. 5. Pain in your legs. 6. Anaemia. 7. Itching in the rashes.If any of the signs are detected, medical help should be sought. Visit your doctor with wasting no time.


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Written by hossen