5 Tricks To Get Your Kids Eating More Fruit

Kids can be fussy eaters at the best of time, but making sure your kids eat enough fruit and vegetables can be concerning for a parent. There is a bombardment of information about feeding your child: Make sure they get enough calcium, make sure they don’t have too much sugar, make sure they eat fibre, have enough water, ditch the juice, and eat their 5 portions of fruit and veg a day. It can be difficult to ensure you are following all the right guidelines.

And to be honest, it is pretty impossible too. One of the most searched parenting food searches on the internet is about getting your child to eat more healthily, including getting children to eat more fruit. The problem with fruit for a lot of children is the texture, especially on fruits like bananas which seem to have an unusual texture. Other kids don’t like the strong citrus taste of oranges, or the sharp taste some fruits like kiwis give.

With this in mind, we look here at some ideas on getting your kids to eat more fruit without any drama. Try one, two, or all of these tricks and see how your children get on:

Eat as a family says that you should eat as a family whenever possible. Research shows that kids will consume a larger amount of vegetables and fruits when they eat with the entire family.

Provide fruit as snacks

Put fruit on show on the table in a bowl, and hide chocolate bars or crisps out of sight. Kids are more likely to want something they can see. If you don’t even buy the sugary treats, your kids have no choice!

Try different fruits

Other than apples or satsumas, which are the usual culprits in the fruit bowl, why not try something with a bit of something different, like cherries. Obviously you must be careful of the stones in cherries, and you will need to cut them up to avoid a choking hazard, but these little cherries can be just as tasty as some sweets, but are much better for your children! Not only this, but Fruitful Office says that research shows that cherries contain a rich source of melatonin, which helps to improve sleeping patterns. If your children are finding it hard to get enough sleep at night, then this one might just be worth a try.

Try dried fruits

Dried fruits, like peaches and apricots, don’t look like traditional fruits, so if your kids have a problem with the look of fruit, you could start off with these. They actually look like little sweets, especially the pineapple ones, but contain all the goodness of normal fruits.

Chop it up small

Why not chop fruit up very small and add it to the kids’ yogurt or cereal in the morning. If you mix it up with Weetabix, your kids can hardly tell!


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