13 ways to hire the best bridal makeup artist

We all want our d-day to go smooth- a gorgeous wedding dress, beautiful skin and hair are the basic requirements. But, how do you decide upon the bridal makeup artist? Modern brides are of the opinion that finding the best bridal makeup artist is a crucial stage in the entire wedding process. Here are some easy tips to follow to help you find the best bridal makeup artist for you.

1. Be an early bird

Start taking notes of bridal makeup artists and their works at least eight months prior to your wedding. If you have recently attended a wedding and you really liked the makeup, don’t forget to ask for the name of the makeup artist. Do some research on their portfolio and check if you like their work. You can also create a mood board with the looks that you like. This would serve as an inspiration to your bridal makeup artist.

2. Read the reviews

Every time you indulge in any job, you have a track record. So do the makeup artists. Participate in bridal forums and go through the reviews. Shortlist bridal makeup artists on the basis of these reviews and speak to them before choosing them for your big day.

3. The trial, please

When you’re planning to buy a car, do you straight away buy the one you like or you ask for a test drive before deciding? When you don’t invest in a car without a test drive, why would you invest in your bridal makeup without a trial? Ask for a trial from your bridal makeup artist to see what you want. Plan a shoot accordingly, this will help you check how long the makeup will last in real life. Your bridal makeup artist will also be able to decide on the type of foundation to be used on your skin. Usually, makeup trials are free (added within the package), yet, some makeup artists charge separately.

4. Check their products

Many makeup artists are found to stick to using one particular brand of makeup. In case you dislike the smell or consistency of the product, ask your makeup artist to switch the products for the ones which suit you. Also, in case you are allergy-prone to any specific makeup products, clearly mention that to your bridal makeup artist.

5. Hair is important

Your bridal look remains incomplete without your beautifully donned hair. Schedule your makeup artist and hairstylist to work together. So that you can avoid any sort of possible clashes during your makeup session. On the other hand, if your makeup artist is supposed to be your hairstylist as well, you can also check his or her portfolio.

6. Don’t forget your bridesmaid

Your makeup artist should have a clear knowledge of how many people will be his or her services so that they can decide beforehand and bring the required number of assistants. This is very much necessary in case you have a huge number of people needing makeup services other than you.

7. Inform their venue

It is very important to know what and where you’re working. Especially your would-be bridal makeup artists, so that they can bring the required tools and appliances. We also know some makeup artists to refuse outdoor weddings just because they prefer working in a controlled, indoor environment.

8. Prepare the budget

You definitely have a prepared budget in mind before proceeding with your wedding preparations, keep your budget ready before meeting your bridal makeup artist. Inquire your makeup artist about the products they’ll be using so that you know what you are paying for. Some of you can also keep a bridal makeup artist on standby if you fear your lead makeup artist might not be able to turn up. Though this would prove costly at least our brides would have peace of mind.

9. Know them personally

At the end of the day, what matters is a good attitude. It is very important to select someone with whom you feel comfortable. This is one very important factor to help you look beautiful on your special day. Speak clearly with your makeup artist and let them know your likes and dislikes. It is your special day and there should be no compromises.

10. Prepare your skin

besides your makeup artist, you need to do your bit too. Prepare in advance for any last-minute emergencies. Do not force your skin to change its routine. Prior to the wedding use the only linen that your skin is used to. Deduct salt from your diet to reduce the appearance of bloating and also avoid any new food or drinks. Also, skip using any new facial or skincare products at least two weeks before the wedding.

11. Don’t just rely on Instagram

Today, Instagram stands to be our only source of inspiration. It is a great place for the latest ideas and different makeup looks. However, Instagram should not be the only source. Often what we see on social media could be the result of editing and airbrushing. Once you have shortlisted your choice of makeup artists, do your research well. Asking around for actual reviews from people who have already done makeup from the particular artist would be more reassuring than Instagram. For some makeup artists, you might also get online reviews.

12. Don’t skip the trial

Skipping the trial might save you some money, but what you miss, cannot be saved. The last thing that any bride wants on her wedding day is a makeup disaster. Even if the trial is time-consuming and costs extra money, a trial would save you a lot. It is a vital point to check your makeup artists’ style of work before you sit with them and entrust your makeup duty.

13. Be sure about what you want 

Often, deciding the perfect bridal look can be a difficult task. Deciding between a soft, nude look or a bright one can be a challenging task. However, it is necessary to have at least a rough idea before you begin your search for bridal makeup artists. If you prefer glittery or smokey eyes, choose someone who is an expert in creating such looks. If you prefer subtle makeup, choosing someone of that genre would be wise. Every bridal makeup artist has a signature style that they cannot let go of, so it is important to know their style of work before appointing them.


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