10 Closet/Bedroom/Bathroom Organizing Tips

I always like watching organizing videos because I have always been into closet organizers. I mostly buy my organizers from Target, IKEA, TJ Maxx, and other small stores. While watching this video, I notice that I already use most of these tips, except I don’t hang my clothes for left or right handed because I am ambidextrous. So, it doesn’t really matter for me. But in the past, I bought bulk pink plastic hangars to organize my closet. And, a couple of years ago, someone gave me their bulk white plastic hangars that they didn’t want anymore. But I also noticed that I needed to start using one of these tips because I often change my purse, for like five times during one day sometimes because of different activities within one day. Sometimes, I go from the gym to a meetup to hiking/walking meetup to mall to someone’s house. So, I change from gym bag to small crossbody purse to tote to cute trendy purse to messenger bag. And, I sometimes end up forgetting something in one of the purses. 

I feel that these tips are also good for organizing other rooms, such as your whole bedroom and bathroom. This video also reminds me that I need to do my spring cleaning…

  • Change your lightbulbs that have higher cool shade of light color. I actually use the energy-saving lightbulbs.
  • Buy one monochromatic color hangars. I mostly have either white plastic hangars or pink plastic hangars.
  • Organize your closet by color. I have done this before, but my closet gets messed up easily. It doesn’t last long.
  • Baskets with little essential items. I love baskets, in which tend to collect them, whether plastic, metal or wicker, for organization purposes.
  • A basket for purse essentials, for someone who changes their purses all the time. I need to do this one because I change purses a lot and I always forget something in another purse.
  • Drawer organizers—I have some of these for small items in drawers.
  • Jewelry wardrobe—I actually have an antique one, given to me by my mother when my uncle’s wife died. My mother brought it from Fresno when my uncle was cleaning up her things. She asked me if I wanted it. I thought it was a cool jewelry wardrobe, although it had an antique style.
  • Add a door hook to set out your outfit for the day, maybe the night before. I have the ones that hang one the doors.
  • Full length mirror. Luckily, my bedroom closet slide doors have full length mirror, which I end up doing full length selfies for videos.
  • Trays to organize items on your vanity table.


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