World’s most expensive book on Ferrari Car’s history.

Italy: Ferrari Sports car is counted in the world’s most expensive cars, but now the company has published a colorful book on the complete date of this car, which has a special edition and special edition cost is      (30000 USD) and the general edition cost is (5000 USD)

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Ferrari has published 1947 books on his own history, keeping himself different from others companies. 250 of them are very special. The book is also named ‘Ferrari’, which has been described as a complete history of Italy’s famous sports brand.

The book is being provided with two metal stands, one of which is made of ferrous and contains chrom metal. Ferrari’s designer Mark Nixon has developed a great deal with the book’s stand. One of these is made on the style of cylinders engine of Ferrari 12. Of the 1947 books, 250 are very rare, specially being provided for keeping. These copies will be sold to serious people seeking the Museum and Ferrari. While a book is worth 30000 USD, which makes this book a luxury like Ferrari. These copies are also the real signatures of Ferrari’s recent chairman John Elken and former CEO of marketing.

A Copies are being provided in the Aluminum case Each of which costs 5000 USD. The book has added beautiful and rare pictures of Ferrari Car. The book contains 514 pages and page has been sew  by hand. The color of the cover is red on which Ferrari’s famous logo is significant in the form of a horse.


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