How Are Truetrac Diffs Useful for The Industries?

Prior to discussing advantages of Truetrac diffs, it is important to understand what its intricate details. The device is a gear that has the capacity to deliver torque from the drive shaft to the left and right axle. They play an important role to move the left and right while to turn at different speeds in an impeccable manner. There are various differentials used for the vehicles according to the requirements and specifications of the clients. When you drive your car on road, one wheel can spin out and with the truetrac diffs, other wheels can keep the torque power and keep your car in a safe position.

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Various differentials used for the vehicles:  

  • Open type versions: Open differentials are known to use spider gears for the transmission of torque. As a result, the power is passed in equal measure to both the axles. As a result, smooth operation is performed on the high traction surfaces in an easy and hassle-free manner. The average speed of the two axles is equal to the speed of the ring gear. Limited slip varieties include friction clutches and the geared types that go a long way in delivering sterling results to the users. So you can easily drive your car in an uneven road surface and you can experience the smooth driving experience.
  • Spool types: Spool categories are can either be permanently locked or manually locked. It can also be unlocked depending on the requirements of the users. Locking differentials play an important role in locking the wheels together to ensure that the left and right wheels provide maximum traction on the ground. They also induce different wheel speeds in a turn by snapping the connection in a faster manner.
  • Limited Slip: Limited Slip offers a controlled amount of resistance to a one wheel spin out to power the movement of the other wheel. The component is essential for vehicles with the 4WD drive. Truetrac gears are connected by the pinion gears that can change the speed of the wheel.
  • Hydraulic lockers: Hydraulic lockers are amazing tools for the users. They play an important role in running the machine to the hilt. It works on the brake basing technique and is used to control the vehicle in an impeccable manner.

Due to a range of attributes, it provides best in class traction. The driver will have better control over the vehicle as the friction with the ground is also on the higher side.

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Why would you install the truetrac diffs?

Due to differentiation is traction, 4 wheel drive vehicles are different from other cars in the market. The flyweight mechanism and self-energizing clutch go a long way in providing automatic locking within the shortest possible time frame. In the low traction situation, it may result in the wheel speed difference and the mechanism opens to engage as a latching bracket. It helps to force the cam plates ramping over the side gear.

  • One of the most important advantages of the truetrac diffs is that it is maintenance free and doesn’t require any lubricant. Lockers deliver enhancing towing combing with off the road performance.
  • During the straight line driving, complete power is transferred to the front wheel from the rear. It is marked by seamless working that goes a long way in delivering sterling results to the users.
  • While turning internal; components unlock to allow the spinning of one or more wheels.  It also plays a very important role to move the vehicles on a good road and also disengage the vehicles when required.

Similarly, the other differential assists in preventing the wheel slip in the vehicle. It transmits greater torque the wheel with greater traction.


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